Photo: AR © 2022

City / Aug 14, 2022 / Secret_Columnist
My Dear Readers! Whenever I am not busy with my exhausting full time job of partying and gossiping with the rich and the powerful, I take care to wind down and relax and enjoy the beauty of my... Read on

Photo: Helmut Prochart, collage: Barbis Ruder. ©

Art / Feb 26, 2018 / Ewa Stern
This Thursday, a retrovirus will be born in a cozy atmosphere of the SAMSTAG shop in the 5th district of Vienna. Her name is INFLUENCA and she will infect this town before spreading to the... Read on
Art / Sep 25, 2017 / Ewa Stern
On a sunny September afternoon, I met Bastian Petz and Johannes Lernpeiss in Simmering Sonnenland to talk about their project at the WienWoche. Sonnenland is a 5000 m2 green areal... Read on

Barbis Ruder Performance "DU aber eigentlich geht es um mich"
Image: Julian Tapprich

Art / Jun 25, 2017 / Sabine Harrer
Three bodies to be seen, three voices to be heard, three egos to be realised in the You. DU, a three player performance by Barbis Ruder, is a theatrical impossibility. The arena of self-realisation... Read on
Design / May 17, 2017 / Sabine Harrer
Anxiety, insecurity, avoidance: these may not be your first associations with video games. Alas, Austrian game design professor and author of Making Deep Games Doris Rusch, made a game about these... Read on

Talia Radford in her Viennese Studio Photo: Ewa Stern ©

Design / Sep 14, 2016 / Sini Mäkelä
Like a real-life Gyro Gearloose, Talia Radford is a modern day inventor, creating tangible examples from abstract concepts by combining technology and critical thinking. With a human-centered... Read on

MQ. Photo Cezara Nicola © 2016

City / Jun 6, 2016 / Cezara Nicola
George Bernard Shaw or, depending on your pop culture favorite, Nicole Richie, famously stated that “the best things in life are either immoral, illegal or fattening”. Tours such as “Why Vienna Is... Read on

The unused word. Photo Florian Reiner

Music / May 13, 2016 / Yulia Belinskaya
Have you ever thought about what really makes a band? Is it a front man/woman who captivates the attention of the public? Some say, the heart of the band is a person who can write moving lyrics and a... Read on

Robert SUPERTRAMP Tour Guide Photo by Ewa Stern

City / Apr 23, 2016 / Cezara Nicola
Trying on guided tours is a lot like a game of Russian roulette: the anticipation is thrilling and once it ends, you are either elated about having taken part in it or virtually brain dead from being... Read on

Installation view: The Promise of Total Automation, Kunsthalle Wien 2016, Photo: Stephan Wyckoff: Harry Dodge, fuck me/who’s sorry now; love fuzz/many mr. strange (consent-not-to-be-a-single-being series), 2015, Courtesy the artist and Beth Rudin DeWoody

Art / Apr 3, 2016 / Cezara Nicola
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “automation”? Robotic assembly lines? Industrialization? The overtaking of the human race by intelligent machines? Depending on... Read on

Gender Crash poster, Detail, photo: Julia Fuchs 2016

Art / Apr 3, 2016 / Ewa Stern
There was a time when Viennese and international artists  met both on the stage and dance floor of brut, mixing performance, live music, drag and good old shake-that-booty party under... Read on

House of Life, Karmelitenmarkt, 1020 Vienna. Photo by Ewa Stern

City / Feb 23, 2016 / Cezara Nicola
“Beauty can be boring but ugly never is.” This tag line made me join the Vienna Ugly: Architecture Tour hosted by urbanite Eugene Quinn at the beginning of the year. It was strangely reminiscent of a... Read on

Sue Philis Baker © Ewa Stern

Art / Feb 3, 2016 / Ewa Stern
It was an amazing experience to witness the Club HØD Calendar shooting preparations. The hours spent in front of mirrors. Never mind the time preparing all the costumes and props. Here you can... Read on

Alexander Chernyshkov. Photo © Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska

Music / Jan 26, 2016 / Yulia Belinskaya
When I asked Alexander Chernyshkov to describe his music I received an answer that explained everything and nothing at the same time: “It is something that you won’t allow your kids to listen to”.... Read on

Adrian Gaspar. Photo Andreas Langeder © 2011

Music / Jan 11, 2016 / Yulia Belinskaya
The first time I met Adrian Gaspar was at the Improvision Orchestra concert and I immediately felt like I had known him for ages. He was open-minded, extremely friendly and quite clearly, passionate... Read on

Detail of wHores Of December, photo by Julia Fuchs

Art / Dec 22, 2015 / Hedy Hipp-Hepburn
It is December and the family comes together under the Christmas tree, the year is nearly over so it is time to look back and make a present to your loved ones, or those who are bound to you by birth... Read on

Juergen Christian HOERL © JCHOER

Fashion / Dec 21, 2015 / Ewa Stern
On a sunny December afternoon I enter the atelier of Juergen Christian Hoerl (JCHOERL) in Vienna’s 6th district. I’m greeted by a delicious smell coming out of the kitchen and a chihuahua that really... Read on

Detail from Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 "The Last One Standing", Photo by Julia Fuchs

Art / Dec 16, 2015 / Sue Philis Baker
I represent the month of November as all the good months were already taken. I don't associate many good things with November. It's grey and cold, people's moods are bad and clothes we wear are... Read on

Detail from Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 "Halloqueen", Photo by Julia Fuchs

Art / Dec 9, 2015 / Dutzi Ijsenhower
You can't deny it: Autumn is here and it won’t leave until it's winter. Nights are getting longer, colder and more frightening. No wonder, it's Halloween!This day is all about remembering the dead,... Read on

ROEE's Rene Pomberger (left) and Michael Mairhofer © Chiara Kronsteiner

Fashion / Dec 3, 2015 /
ROEE stands for avant-garde garments where cuts and colour ranges seem directly imported from science-fiction movies. Rene Pomberger, the design mastermind behind ROEE, met Michael Mairhofer at a... Read on

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016. Detail August Photo: Julia Fuchs

Art / Nov 25, 2015 / Hedy Hipp-Hepburn
The August summer sun barbecues not only “Bratwürstel” but also our queens. The famous dog days bestow a heat beyond all bearing upon us and it is a sheer miracle that the make-up of our queens is... Read on

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016. Detail July Photo: Julia Fuchs Grafik: Bernd Eischeid

Art / Nov 17, 2015 / Dutzi Ijsenhower
July – Summer's fashion is here!Between the heat and the desire to do a whole lot of nothing, fashion can often take a back seat in the summer. But it doesn't have to. Here is a summer... Read on

Christina Steiner Portrait by Irina Gavrich

Fashion / Nov 17, 2015 /
Fashion is art. Or is it? The arduous, almost ancient debate has long triggered controversial responses from fashion’s who is who. Karl Lagerfeld once dismissed the art quality of fashion by implying... Read on

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016. Detail June Photo: Julia Fuchs Grafik: Bernd Eischeid

Art / Nov 11, 2015 / Jo
I chose to represent the month of June because I have a strong personal bond with it; both my birthday and my name day being celebrated in June. Another reason for me to choose the sixth month... Read on

Izabella Petrut

Fashion / Nov 6, 2015 /
Once upon a time, there was a young and vain woman who only cared about her physical appearance. One night, a ragged old lady dropped by her house and gave her a sumptuous gown with the sole... Read on

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 May Photo: Julia Fuchs Grafik: Bernd Eischeid

Art / Nov 5, 2015 / Hedy Hipp-Hepburn
May! May! May the whores be with you, young practican!Hedy Hipp-Hepburn represents May, the merry month of delight. As she jumps between petticoat and Dirndl - Hedy, the classic kind of girl: native-... Read on

Iris Andraschek, Der Muse reichts, 2013 © University of Vienna

Art / Oct 30, 2015 / Janina Hoth
Statues, monuments and memorials play an important role in collective memory and have done so for centuries. Over the decades, they have also developed a history of their own. They bear witness to... Read on

Tanja Bradaric and Taro Ohmae photo by Jork Weismann

Fashion / Oct 30, 2015 /
There is a late 80s track by Paula Abdul called “Opposites Attract” which is not necessarily known for its groundbreaking musical value, but rather for its witty lyrics. Indeed, in real life, there... Read on

Detail from Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 "Walpurgis Night" Concept and Styling: Denise Kottlett Photo: Julia Fuchs Grafics: Bernd Eischeid

Art / Oct 28, 2015 / Denise Kotlette
The Month of April stands for weather conditions, which can change fast and mix in extraordinary ways. It perfectly represents me, Denise Kottlett. At its end on the April 30, the Night Of The... Read on

Ute Ploier Portriat by Philipp Horak

Fashion / Oct 22, 2015 /
Take top notch fabrics like alpaca or wool, then take different shades of orange and red. Add to this a passion for surrealism and you will get Ute Ploier’s AW15 womenswear collection, a collection... Read on

Detail from Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 "Domi Does March", Photo by Julia Fuchs

Art / Oct 19, 2015 / Domi Darf Das
I am representing March. Why March? To me, it is the time when temperatures are rising constantly, when everything is growing and people start to show some skin again. Our sensuality awakens, in our... Read on

Henry Moore "Hill Arches" 1974, Karlsplatz, Vienna. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Art / Oct 19, 2015 / Maria-Therese Mundigler
An important but often overlooked sculpture in Vienna can be found in front of the Karlskirche (St. Charles Cathedral) in the first district. In the middle of a shallow pool stands “Hill Arches” by... Read on

Meshit - Ida Steixner and Lena Krampf. Photo: "Man Machine" (Matthias Guido Braudisch)

Fashion / Oct 15, 2015 /
Located in the 7th district, the core of the creative scene of Vienna, Meshit collects impressions from the city’s social movements and youth culture and translates them into fabric and colour. The... Read on

Detail from Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 "Karnaval", Photo by Julia Fuchs

Art / Oct 13, 2015 / Dutzi Ijsenhower
You might wonder why do we publish an article about Carnival already in October. Well, actually in German-speaking Europe and the Netherlands, the Carnival season traditionally opens on 11/11 (often... Read on
City / Oct 13, 2015 / Janina Hoth
Vienna’s history as a royal residence has shaped the city's architecture. Many buildings are not only significant as art historical objects but can be an indication of the political and social ideals... Read on

Ivon Gasque and Christian Kollarovits, LINIERT fashion label © LINIERT

Fashion / Oct 9, 2015 /
LINIERT are Ivon Gasque and Christian Kollarovits. The Spanish-Austrian designer duo creates avant-garde clothing defined by minimalistic cuts and highly developed synthetic fabrics. The sartorial... Read on

Detail from Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 "Snow Queen", Photo by Julia Fuchs

Art / Oct 7, 2015 / Ewa Stern and Dutzi Ijsenhower
Dutzi Ijsenhower, the founder of Club H.Ø.D. was born in Cologne, the city famed for the biggest street carnival in Europe. Since he moved to Vienna, 8 years ago, he has been involved in organising... Read on

Dutzi Ijsenhower Photo: Julia Fuchs © Club H.Ø.D.

Design / Oct 7, 2015 / Ewa Stern
When the end of the year drew near and the Christmas madness fell upon us with its kitschy markets, parties and shopping we thought about original and useful Christmas gifts and came up with... Read on

Donald Judd "Stage Set" 1991, Stadtpark Vienna. Photo: © Ewa Stern

Art / Oct 2, 2015 / Marie-Therese Mundigler
Perhaps you’ve walked through it without noticing, perhaps you look at it regularly. Donald Judd’s "Stage Set“ has been standing in the Vienna Stadtpark since 1996 and has integrated itself since... Read on

Director Jem Cohen in Vienna

City / Oct 2, 2015 / Janina Hoth
On a late afternoon, a man stands alone in the square in front of the Ferris wheel. There are not many people in sight, just ruins and a big empty space around him. Suddenly, another man approaches... Read on

Design: Sandra Bamminger. Photo © Natalia Ilina

Fashion / Oct 1, 2015 /
On a chilly afternoon in early autumn I step into Sandra Bamminger's studio situated in Vienna’s 15th district. It is a wonderland of unusual fabrics and materials of all shapes and sizes.... Read on

Anonymous, Graffiti on the outer wall of Marx Halle, 2015

Art / Sep 26, 2015 / Ewa Stern
This Autumn Vienna hosts two international art fairs within a space of two weeks. The old team of Vienna Fair, under the artistic direction of Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, changed the name to... Read on

Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt Photo: Henk Jan Kamerneek

Art / Sep 24, 2015 / Ewa Stern
The first contemporary art fair in Vienna began in the spring of 2005. For the next 10 years it took place at different time in spring and  autumn at the Messe Prater in Vienna's 2nd district.... Read on

Rio Rutzinger - Artistic Director Workshops & Research ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival © Michael Duerr

Art / Jul 10, 2015 / Ewa Stern
As the Artistic Director of Workshops and Research ImPulsTanz, for the past 25 years, Rio Rutzinger has been involved with Vienna’s annual international dance festival, the largest of its kind in... Read on
Art / Jun 25, 2015 / Ewa Stern
The Albertina has long been renowned for housing one of the largest and most important collections of graphic arts in the world, with about 900,000 graphic art works, including around 50,000 drawings... Read on

photography: Helena Wimmer © 2015

Art / Jun 12, 2015 / Ewa Stern
On a sunny Friday afternoon in May, I’m sitting with Nicolaus Schafhausen in his office overlooking the Museumsquartier and the magnificent building of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. I hand him a self... Read on

Wiener Beschwerdechor © Oliver Hangl I Performing Public Art / Angewandte

Art / Jun 10, 2015 / Ewa Stern
The Vienna Biennale 2015 is the first event of its kind to combine art, design, and architecture. With cross-institutional co-operation, numerous exhibitions and projects, interventions and... Read on

»Vienna. The Pearl of the Reich« Planning for Hitler - Exhibition view

Art / Jun 7, 2015 / Janima Nam
“ ‘Construction’ presupposes ‘destruction’. “ Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project“... in my eyes this city is a pearl! I will give this pearl a setting worthy of it and entrust it to the care... Read on

Tracey Emin I Egon Schiele "Where I Want To Go" exhibition view Leopold Museum. Photo: Ewa Stern © Leopold Museum

Art / Jun 5, 2015 / Ewa Stern
In April this year a first comprehensive show of the works by Tracy Emin, one of the leading figures of the “Young British Artists,” opened at the Leopold Museum. Emin, whose work was greatly... Read on

Burg Kino Große Saal

City / Feb 4, 2015 / Linda Starodub
When I moved to Vienna from Bonn several years back, I was happy to discover a lot more options for movies and theatre in English. The downside to indulging in all this English entertainment is that... Read on
Art / Jan 27, 2015 / Ewa Stern
Anna Vasof is a mulimedia artist based in Vienna. Vasof’s projects often unfold simultaneously as sculptures; performance in which the sculpture is the principle character, and then a video of... Read on
Lifestyle / Jan 15, 2015 / Karim Blanc
It was a rainy November evening on Brunnenmak when I pushed the door of Kiang Wine bar: a small welcoming place with a narrow entrance, which swallows you into another world. I immediately felt I was... Read on

Impression from a Ball in Vienna

Lifestyle / Jan 9, 2015 / Salem Islas-Madlo
In the midst of winter, cold and grey, Vienna comes alive with the jubilation of ball season namely ‘Fasching’ or Carnival. This is a proud tradition that has been passed down through generations... Read on

Tuna filet from Okra's kitchen ©

Lifestyle / Dec 18, 2014 / Noel Goldberger
The 2014 was certainly a significant year for Vienna’s dining scene. There are progressively more restaurants debuting this year that have innovative approach to cooking and a good eye for styling.... Read on

Supersense, 1020

Lifestyle / Dec 15, 2014 / Noel Goldberger
I travel a lot, and over the past couple of years, I have been observing the renaissance of concept stores around the world, a trend which is on the rise in Vienna as well. The concept store is a... Read on
Lifestyle / Nov 30, 2014 / Ewa Stern
In the further reaches of Vienna's hip 7th district, a little workshop offers sewing and screen printing courses and much more for those who like to be creative with their hands. Those who already... Read on

At kaffemik photo by © Konstantin Reyer

Lifestyle / Nov 29, 2014 / Noel Goldberger
Vienna has a long and world-renowned tradition of Kaffeehauskultur. Apart from being an eminent symbol of the city, cafés here are also a hub of culture for locals. Many coffee houses are set in... Read on

Karim cooks photo by Franck Doyen

Lifestyle / Oct 13, 2014 / Ewa Stern
Karim Blanc moved to Vienna three-and-a-half years ago. He finds it difficult to tell where he is from. Born in Tehran to French parents, he lived in many different places during his childhood. From... Read on
Lifestyle / Oct 1, 2014 / Noel Goldberger
Let’s face it; Vienna is a very quiet city by the time Sunday comes around. If anything will get you out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning, it's brunch. Fans of lavish hotel brunches, take note. Brunch... Read on

Photo: Philipp Horak

Lifestyle / Aug 28, 2014 / Janima Nam
The evolution of Asian food has been slow in Vienna. Even now, going for Asian in this city typically involves some kind of “pan-Asian” buffet with weak simulations of familiar Chinese/Japanese/Thai... Read on
Lifestyle / Aug 28, 2014 / Noel Goldberger
After a long day at work filled with meetings, sorting junk emails and eating lunch al desko, catching up with friends and seizing the rest of the day in the form of a few drinks seems like not a bad... Read on

3 Knaben Schwarz, Photo by Barbara Kaiser

City / Aug 28, 2014 / Iratxe Celaya Salvatierra
Vienna could be described as a kind of “Mozart Theme Park”. It is almost impossible to find a souvenir shop without a figure of, or some reference to, the famous composer; or to walk through the... Read on