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A chat with Denice Bourbon, Dutzi Ijsenhower and Alkis Vlassakakis
April 3, 2016


There was a time when Viennese and international artists  met both on the stage and dance floor of brut, mixing performance, live music, drag and good old shake-that-booty party under the promising title Gender Crash. The format always delivered more than it promised and the last installment, Gender Crash Forever!, left its fans inconsolable for the long 2,5 years. The times of darkness are over however as this Saturday your favorite event in town is back with its fierce force of wild entertainment.  The show will be hosted by notorious Denice Bourbon, multi-talented Drag Queen Dutzi Ijsehower and the fabulous VJ Alkis Vlassakakis. We asked those three what made this nights so popular and what we can expect this time around.

What‘s the Story behind GenderCrash?

Denice Bourbon: Well, I would say that when the fabulous club FMqueer decided to go on hiatus in 2011, the queers of Vienna were a bit lost. All juiced up and nowhere to go. So Vivi and Mokka, the two infamous former owners of the queer bar Marea Alta, decided to save us all and blessed us with GenderCrash. The idea from the beginning was to have a club where all kinds of lesbogaybitrans*queers would meet on one dancefloor and have a night of fun together.

Alkis Vlassakakis: GenderCrash was basically a way to extend the Marea Alta parties, which were and still are very popular, but there was simply not enough space for everyone who wanted to come. Since Marea Alta always had such a mixed audience, it would‘ve been a waste to not use that potential in a bigger venue with a proper stage and sound system.

Dutzi Ijsenhower: It was also important to founders of the club to provide a programme where local performers would share the stage with international artists, all knit tightly together by the two diva hostesses Mara Gheddon and me: Miss Tori Missspelling. That was before I became Dutzi.

Why do it again?

DB: Because Vienna is staaaaaaaarving for a HUGE queer party with enough space to shake our booties. Glitter, Disco, Trash and Queer Punk attitude all mixed together to one decadent soup.

DI: Because GenderCrash was a party from the queers for the queers! And there was a real feeling of „family“ there. I know the term is totally over used, but we want to have this feeling again!

AV: Vienna needs a queer club that is appealing to everybody, with a special shout out to those who identify outside the classic gay & lesbian box. It is also our wish to contribute to a more mixed scene when it comes to etnicity, gender and bodies.

How does GenderCrash distingues from other Parties?

DB: It has everything. From Chansons to Elektro, Supergay to non-binary fuck you. All kinds of performance acts sharing the same stage on the same night. No boundaries, no rules. The theme is that there is no theme. And it‘s all about having as much fun as possibly possible, meeting people you might not usually meet in your regular local hangout. Stepping out of your standard scene so to say. And although the club loves to play with the idea of being trash; through its location in the brut theatre the sound, lights, visuals, stage situation are all absolute top notch which gives the trash a big touch of class.

AV: As Denice already said; we are not focused on a specific genre when it comes to music or performance style. At our party you can see a drag queen, singer songwriter and a glam-punkband all perform on the same evening! The same goes for our DJs. Here we should give a special mention to Das_Em and Miss Klang who have been the resident DJs since the beginning of GenderCrash, and who will continue to make the dance floor sizzle.

DI: It‘s not only all gender, it‘s all ages as well! So bring your daddies and drag mothers!

Who is the audience?

DB: Queers Queers Queers!!! (and their jealous straight friends)

AV: The LGBTQIAA community and everyone who feels addressed! But you need to bring your open mind and best party mood! This is a concept we share with our special guest and collaborators for this time, the YO!SISSY Queer Music Festival Berlin.

So what can we expect fron GenderCrash Neu(n)?

DB: Everything you ever dreamt of!!! AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

DI: A party with people your parents warned you about. And there will be delicious, vegetarian, artisinal Butchkrapferl for every queer possible!

AV: Well, except vegans.

Gender Crash Dutzi Ijsenhower, Denice Bourbon

Denice Bourbon and Dutzi Ijsenhower backing the Butchkrapferl

The party is hosted by the notorious Denice Bourbon and drag maverick Dutzi Ijsenhower. Dance the night away to the music of a Gender Crash approved DJ team including das_Em (Mode.Mode, Strom+-) and Miss Klang (Strom+-, FMqueer)! Visuals by Neonrost Goes Lois und VJ AlkisYeah.

As the amount of tickets is limited be sure to purchase yours as soon as possible!


Denice Bourbon is a multi talented diva of Vienna’s queer avant-garde scene. She is a singer, writer, burlesque artist, entertainer, performer, punk, and amateur DJ.

Alkis Vlassakakis is a media artis and a VJ. Always on the look out for new challenges Alkis was a journalist for gay media in the past.

Dutzi Ijsenhower is a performer, artist, designer, actor, Party Girl and a Drag Queen. He is part of the party collective „Rhinoplasty“ and the immersive theater group „Nesterval.". At the moment he plays at Werk X in "REIGEN (Making of a post porn Schnitzler)“ and hosts her own Drag Show Party "Club H.Ø.D.“





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