Juergen Christian HOERL © JCHOER

Fashion / Dec 21, 2015 / Ewa Stern
On a sunny December afternoon I enter the atelier of Juergen Christian Hoerl (JCHOERL) in Vienna’s 6th district. I’m greeted by a delicious smell coming out of the kitchen and a chihuahua that really... Read on

ROEE's Rene Pomberger (left) and Michael Mairhofer © Chiara Kronsteiner

Fashion / Dec 3, 2015 /
ROEE stands for avant-garde garments where cuts and colour ranges seem directly imported from science-fiction movies. Rene Pomberger, the design mastermind behind ROEE, met Michael Mairhofer at a... Read on

Christina Steiner Portrait by Irina Gavrich

Fashion / Nov 17, 2015 /
Fashion is art. Or is it? The arduous, almost ancient debate has long triggered controversial responses from fashion’s who is who. Karl Lagerfeld once dismissed the art quality of fashion by implying... Read on

Izabella Petrut

Fashion / Nov 6, 2015 /
Once upon a time, there was a young and vain woman who only cared about her physical appearance. One night, a ragged old lady dropped by her house and gave her a sumptuous gown with the sole... Read on

Tanja Bradaric and Taro Ohmae photo by Jork Weismann

Fashion / Oct 30, 2015 /
There is a late 80s track by Paula Abdul called “Opposites Attract” which is not necessarily known for its groundbreaking musical value, but rather for its witty lyrics. Indeed, in real life, there... Read on

Ute Ploier Portriat by Philipp Horak

Fashion / Oct 22, 2015 /
Take top notch fabrics like alpaca or wool, then take different shades of orange and red. Add to this a passion for surrealism and you will get Ute Ploier’s AW15 womenswear collection, a collection... Read on

Meshit - Ida Steixner and Lena Krampf. Photo: "Man Machine" (Matthias Guido Braudisch)

Fashion / Oct 15, 2015 /
Located in the 7th district, the core of the creative scene of Vienna, Meshit collects impressions from the city’s social movements and youth culture and translates them into fabric and colour. The... Read on

Ivon Gasque and Christian Kollarovits, LINIERT fashion label © LINIERT

Fashion / Oct 9, 2015 /
LINIERT are Ivon Gasque and Christian Kollarovits. The Spanish-Austrian designer duo creates avant-garde clothing defined by minimalistic cuts and highly developed synthetic fabrics. The sartorial... Read on

Design: Sandra Bamminger. Photo © Natalia Ilina

Fashion / Oct 1, 2015 /
On a chilly afternoon in early autumn I step into Sandra Bamminger's studio situated in Vienna’s 15th district. It is a wonderland of unusual fabrics and materials of all shapes and sizes.... Read on
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