The unused word. Photo Florian Reiner

Music / May 13, 2016 / Yulia Belinskaya
Have you ever thought about what really makes a band? Is it a front man/woman who captivates the attention of the public? Some say, the heart of the band is a person who can write moving lyrics and a... Read on

Alexander Chernyshkov. Photo © Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska

Music / Jan 26, 2016 / Yulia Belinskaya
When I asked Alexander Chernyshkov to describe his music I received an answer that explained everything and nothing at the same time: “It is something that you won’t allow your kids to listen to”.... Read on

Adrian Gaspar. Photo Andreas Langeder © 2011

Music / Jan 11, 2016 / Yulia Belinskaya
The first time I met Adrian Gaspar was at the Improvision Orchestra concert and I immediately felt like I had known him for ages. He was open-minded, extremely friendly and quite clearly, passionate... Read on
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