Design / May 17, 2017 / Sabine Harrer
Anxiety, insecurity, avoidance: these may not be your first associations with video games. Alas, Austrian game design professor and author of Making Deep Games Doris Rusch, made a game about these... Read on

Talia Radford in her Viennese Studio Photo: Ewa Stern ©

Design / Sep 14, 2016 / Sini Mäkelä
Like a real-life Gyro Gearloose, Talia Radford is a modern day inventor, creating tangible examples from abstract concepts by combining technology and critical thinking. With a human-centered... Read on

Dutzi Ijsenhower Photo: Julia Fuchs © Club H.Ø.D.

Design / Oct 7, 2015 / Ewa Stern
When the end of the year drew near and the Christmas madness fell upon us with its kitschy markets, parties and shopping we thought about original and useful Christmas gifts and came up with... Read on
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