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October 7, 2015


When the end of the year drew near and the Christmas madness fell upon us with its kitschy markets, parties and shopping we thought about original and useful Christmas gifts and came up with possibly a not-so-original idea of an artsy wall calendar. However, the people, whom we asked to collaborate on this project - Queens of Club H.Ø.D. - are not only a fun bunch to be around but also are incredibly creative, multi-talented and gorgeous to look at.

For the last 12 weeks of 2015 we introduced each and every one of them on and letting them tell you more about the calendar pages that they appeared on. 

Club H.Ø.D., which stands for House of Dutzi, is an evening of performance and party at Replugged in Vienna's 7th district. There, once every two months, Dutzi Ijsenhower, Jo the Childlike Empress, Sue Philis Baker, Hedy Hipp-Hepburn, Denise Kottlett, Dr. Domi Darf Das and guests keep you entertained until early morning hours. You can expect fabulous performances from every resident and their guests. There is singing, dancing, boylesque and comedy, many amazing stories are told, monsters give birth, coffee showers are given and taken, champagne fountains flow abundantly, and  stripping, fighting even murder occur regularly. Of course there is a fair amount of lip synch too. After the invited DJs will make you loose your pants while you dance. It's about the only place in town where LESS (clothes) means MORE each and every time. You can also be sure it's a perfect place to get shit faced in a very friendly atmosphere and who knows whom you wake up next to once you wake up.

The Club H.Ø.D. Calendar:

Club H.O.D. Calendar, January, photo Julia Fuchs  Club H.Ø.D. Photo by Julia Fuchs     




Julia Fuchs    Club HOD Calendar  photo: Julia Fuchs


Next party is on May, 13








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