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Ewa Stern

Founder and Editor in Chief
Film maker and globetrotter, whose home is everywhere she happens to be. Passionate about politics, art and society she looks at the world through her quirky glasses.

Photo: Helmut Prochart, collage: Barbis Ruder. © barbisruder.com

Art / Feb 26, 2018 / Ewa Stern
This Thursday, a retrovirus will be born in a cozy atmosphere of the SAMSTAG shop in the 5th district of Vienna. Her name is INFLUENCA and she will infect this town before spreading to the... Read on
Art / Sep 25, 2017 / Ewa Stern
On a sunny September afternoon, I met Bastian Petz and Johannes Lernpeiss in Simmering Sonnenland to talk about their project at the WienWoche. Sonnenland is a 5000 m2 green areal... Read on

Gender Crash poster, Detail, photo: Julia Fuchs 2016

Art / Apr 3, 2016 / Ewa Stern
There was a time when Viennese and international artists  met both on the stage and dance floor of brut, mixing performance, live music, drag and good old shake-that-booty party under... Read on

Sue Philis Baker © Ewa Stern

Art / Feb 3, 2016 / Ewa Stern
It was an amazing experience to witness the Club HØD Calendar shooting preparations. The hours spent in front of mirrors. Never mind the time preparing all the costumes and props. Here you can... Read on

Juergen Christian HOERL © JCHOER

Fashion / Dec 21, 2015 / Ewa Stern
On a sunny December afternoon I enter the atelier of Juergen Christian Hoerl (JCHOERL) in Vienna’s 6th district. I’m greeted by a delicious smell coming out of the kitchen and a chihuahua that really... Read on

Dutzi Ijsenhower Photo: Julia Fuchs © Club H.Ø.D.

Design / Oct 7, 2015 / Ewa Stern
When the end of the year drew near and the Christmas madness fell upon us with its kitschy markets, parties and shopping we thought about original and useful Christmas gifts and came up with... Read on

Anonymous, Graffiti on the outer wall of Marx Halle, 2015

Art / Sep 26, 2015 / Ewa Stern
This Autumn Vienna hosts two international art fairs within a space of two weeks. The old team of Vienna Fair, under the artistic direction of Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, changed the name to... Read on

Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt Photo: Henk Jan Kamerneek

Art / Sep 24, 2015 / Ewa Stern
The first contemporary art fair in Vienna began in the spring of 2005. For the next 10 years it took place at different time in spring and  autumn at the Messe Prater in Vienna's 2nd district.... Read on

Rio Rutzinger - Artistic Director Workshops & Research ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival © Michael Duerr

Art / Jul 10, 2015 / Ewa Stern
As the Artistic Director of Workshops and Research ImPulsTanz, for the past 25 years, Rio Rutzinger has been involved with Vienna’s annual international dance festival, the largest of its kind in... Read on
Art / Jun 25, 2015 / Ewa Stern
The Albertina has long been renowned for housing one of the largest and most important collections of graphic arts in the world, with about 900,000 graphic art works, including around 50,000 drawings... Read on

photography: Helena Wimmer © 2015

Art / Jun 12, 2015 / Ewa Stern
On a sunny Friday afternoon in May, I’m sitting with Nicolaus Schafhausen in his office overlooking the Museumsquartier and the magnificent building of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. I hand him a self... Read on

Wiener Beschwerdechor © Oliver Hangl I Performing Public Art / Angewandte

Art / Jun 10, 2015 / Ewa Stern
The Vienna Biennale 2015 is the first event of its kind to combine art, design, and architecture. With cross-institutional co-operation, numerous exhibitions and projects, interventions and... Read on

Tracey Emin I Egon Schiele "Where I Want To Go" exhibition view Leopold Museum. Photo: Ewa Stern © Leopold Museum

Art / Jun 5, 2015 / Ewa Stern
In April this year a first comprehensive show of the works by Tracy Emin, one of the leading figures of the “Young British Artists,” opened at the Leopold Museum. Emin, whose work was greatly... Read on
Art / Jan 27, 2015 / Ewa Stern
Anna Vasof is a mulimedia artist based in Vienna. Vasof’s projects often unfold simultaneously as sculptures; performance in which the sculpture is the principle character, and then a video of... Read on
Lifestyle / Nov 30, 2014 / Ewa Stern
In the further reaches of Vienna's hip 7th district, a little workshop offers sewing and screen printing courses and much more for those who like to be creative with their hands. Those who already... Read on

Karim cooks photo by Franck Doyen

Lifestyle / Oct 13, 2014 / Ewa Stern
Karim Blanc moved to Vienna three-and-a-half years ago. He finds it difficult to tell where he is from. Born in Tehran to French parents, he lived in many different places during his childhood. From... Read on