Photo: AR © 2022

City / Aug 14, 2022 / Secret_Columnist
My Dear Readers! Whenever I am not busy with my exhausting full time job of partying and gossiping with the rich and the powerful, I take care to wind down and relax and enjoy the beauty of my... Read on

MQ. Photo Cezara Nicola © 2016

City / Jun 6, 2016 / Cezara Nicola
George Bernard Shaw or, depending on your pop culture favorite, Nicole Richie, famously stated that “the best things in life are either immoral, illegal or fattening”. Tours such as “Why Vienna Is... Read on

Robert SUPERTRAMP Tour Guide Photo by Ewa Stern

City / Apr 23, 2016 / Cezara Nicola
Trying on guided tours is a lot like a game of Russian roulette: the anticipation is thrilling and once it ends, you are either elated about having taken part in it or virtually brain dead from being... Read on

House of Life, Karmelitenmarkt, 1020 Vienna. Photo by Ewa Stern

City / Feb 23, 2016 / Cezara Nicola
“Beauty can be boring but ugly never is.” This tag line made me join the Vienna Ugly: Architecture Tour hosted by urbanite Eugene Quinn at the beginning of the year. It was strangely reminiscent of a... Read on
City / Oct 13, 2015 / Janina Hoth
Vienna’s history as a royal residence has shaped the city's architecture. Many buildings are not only significant as art historical objects but can be an indication of the political and social ideals... Read on

Director Jem Cohen in Vienna

City / Oct 2, 2015 / Janina Hoth
On a late afternoon, a man stands alone in the square in front of the Ferris wheel. There are not many people in sight, just ruins and a big empty space around him. Suddenly, another man approaches... Read on

Burg Kino Große Saal

City / Feb 4, 2015 / Linda Starodub
When I moved to Vienna from Bonn several years back, I was happy to discover a lot more options for movies and theatre in English. The downside to indulging in all this English entertainment is that... Read on

3 Knaben Schwarz, Photo by Barbara Kaiser

City / Aug 28, 2014 / Iratxe Celaya Salvatierra
Vienna could be described as a kind of “Mozart Theme Park”. It is almost impossible to find a souvenir shop without a figure of, or some reference to, the famous composer; or to walk through the... Read on
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