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Kiang Winebar

January 15, 2015


Karim Blanc

It was a rainy November evening on Brunnenmak when I pushed the door of Kiang Wine bar: a small welcoming place with a narrow entrance, which swallows you into another world. I immediately felt I was at the right place: an interesting design, a warm cosy atmosphere, where Austrian wines meet authentic Shanghai Family Cuisine. This is where I met Li Chen and Joseph Kiang owners of Kiang Wine Bar

Li welcomed me with her american accent and a big smile and invited me to sit at the bar. Joseph recommended a Grüner Vetliner from a small family vineyard, as aperitif. As I wanted to try the most exotic dishes on the menu, I ordered "100 years eggs" as a starter followed by an Oxtail Stew. To my delight the food was light, tasty, sapid and yet very subtle. Spices gradually revealed themselves: the warmth of the chili “mixed with cinnamon, the bite of black pepper and the sweetness of coriander and all the crunchy, soft, chewy textures were well balanced. At Kiang, the menu of seasonal fresh ingredients changes weekly. As Joseph's mother taught him, each season brings different spices, herbs, roots and condiments, that stimulate or cure the body. "No glutamate!" he told me, "when you use good products you don't need it". I felt at home.

As I finished my meal with a Korean Whisky I felt like I was sitting in a place with a real cosmopolitan atmosphere, created by two free spirits. This bar is the very essence of the philosophy of hospitality, offering intelligent cooking with a great choice of wine. It is the perfect choice for a romantic dinner, or a culinary experience with friends. In summer, some tables outside allow to enjoy the view on the market place, but don't forget to book ahead, as space is limited! 


Kiang Winebar
Yppenplatz 11
Vienna 1160
Phone: +43 664 5153633