Art in Vienna:


Club H.Ø.D. Calendar - August
November 25, 2015


Hedy Hipp-Hepburn

The August summer sun barbecues not only “Bratwürstel” but also our queens. The famous dog days bestow a heat beyond all bearing upon us and it is a sheer miracle that the make-up of our queens is still on their faces and not lying on the floor already.

It is hot in Vienna, hotter than anywhere else, for in Vienna, the summer wind got no right of asylum. This town was built to keep every mild breeze outside. When the summer sun reigns in the capitol of Austria everyone flees to places near the Danube, for example the famous Gänsehäufl. 

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016. Detail August Photo: Julia Fuchs Grafik: Bernd Eischeid

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016. August Photo: Julia Fuchs Graphics: Bernd Eischeid © Club H.Ø.D. 

Gänsehäufl is a special public beach, a so to speak "Lido" of Vienna for the lower society, where you can find the Who is Who of Transdanubia – who is you?

And here we find Frida Boobs and Hedy Hipp-Hepburn dressed in “Gänsehäufl” – chic. Frida wears a flowery jumpsuit with a big décolté that reminds the Viennese of smock aprons, a special fashion piece barely found outside of Austria – thank goodness. This jumpsuit fits perfectly with her rubber pumps. She smears a Popsicle over her breasts to cool her tits down and make them worth being licked. “I am wet” - a statement that not only her chocolate covered breasts make but also her face-expression. Also Hedy is wet, dressed in hot nylon trunks from 1978, a white redneck tank top and sporty slippers, as she handles an extra-large fan. Yes, Hedy knows how to take big blowers, though her hair still seems to have some trouble with it, a problem most of us know. There she stands, wet an sweaty, on the lookout for a big muscular hunk to donate her some shadow.

What a month, too hot to have sex and too hot not to show every inch of skin, how cruel, isn't it? We see muscular hunks in tight strings, sinuous ladies in sexy bikinis, sweet twinks in colourful gay shorts but we are all too exhausted to dance the horizontal mambo. And so fans, ice cream and a cool blonde beer become the only lovers who can bring us ecstasy – no, not the drug, the feeling. When the sun goes down, we love to get some cocktails, and sometimes, if the night is cool enough, to get some cocks as well...  


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