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wHores Øf December

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar - December
December 22, 2015


Hedy Hipp-Hepburn

It is December and the family comes together under the Christmas tree, the year is nearly over so it is time to look back and make a present to your loved ones, or those who are bound to you by birth. And so our big H.Ø.D “family” also comes together on Christmas morning to unpack their presents. 

This year Dutzi Ijsenhower got a lovely T-shirt in size S. But it is not only a shirt, it is an incredible life motivation, not only to help her through the dark winter months without a boyfriend, who would play with her candy cane, no it is also a wonderful incentive to make a diet. And it already bears fruit as you can read the fighting spirit in her face or the disappointment about the fashion-taste she seems to share with Santa. Frida Boobs, too, got a present that nearly fits, an artificial boob! Sadly she only got one. Maybe Santa Clause is just the little pervert you expect him to be and kept the other one for himself. Santa Kinky left Frida a little confused with her new tit, a black negligee, silver high heels and hair rollers way too big for her. Don't cry Frida - you still got a tit.

But not all are unhappy with their presents, as we see Dr. Domi DarfDas is delighted with a box full of glitter in different colours, which can be applied to any part of the body. For example between the ass cheeks, which gives every f*ck a glimps of glamour, and every visit to the toilet as well. How happy he is with his gift! He is a well-dressed, little drummer boy and Santa is a pervert. Happiness goes on as we look at Jo, the blonde beauty in her sexy black pantyhose. She got a knife! What could a women love more than a new tool for the kitchen? A big muscled hunk, maybe. Jo is visibly happy with her new toy (or visibly nuts), as it reflects the motto of her family: “beauty - grace – knives (-lunacy)“! Let it saw!

But not every young woman seems to be pleased with a kitchen tool. Hedy Hipp-Hepburn, dressed in a peach-coloured negligee, got a pan, which gives her not only the possibility to learn cooking in order to please a man or her drag sisters but also the chance to become a respected woman at last. Ungrateful, as this Bavarian bitch can be, her face contorted in an expression wanting an explanation! Fried Navidad! Also Sue Philis Baker, wrapped in a flowery bathrobe opened her package to find the calendar of last year... someone really cares about the women with a haircut from 1986. She does not seem too happy with the calendar, she looks like she’d rather be drinking another eggnog or two...”Last Christmas, I gave you my gin, vodka, rum, tequila...

club HOD photo Julia Fuchs Due Philis Baker


Club H.O.D. wishes merry Christmas and a HO HO HOD-shit!

and here you'll find the last A4 page of the calendar!