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Club H.Ø.D. Calendar - July
November 17, 2015


Dutzi Ijsenhower

July – Summer's fashion is here!

Between the heat and the desire to do a whole lot of nothing, fashion can often take a back seat in the summer. But it doesn't have to. Here is a summer holiday pic to inspire you. 

Just copy Dutzi Ijsenhower's style: fully embracing your beach blonde alter ego is a MUST on your summer vacation for both the beach as well as out for dinner by the sea. This is how to make the look work;  think eye-catching prints, plenty of colour and as much skin as possible. Wear all your beach themed jewellery! Don't shy away from bright yellow accessories like these killer neon ski-high heels which we know will become your absolute go-to summer staple. If we were you we'd be hot-footing it to your fishing supply store before fashion pieces like the fishnet wrap become an instant sell-out. And don't forget protection. Always bring spare sunglasses and a huge statement hat!

The most important thing though when on holiday is to have fun and let your personal style take over any stupid trend or fashion pas or faux pas. It’s about feeling free, feeling great and enjoying every moment of it all regardless of any sartorial do or don’t. If neon and floral prints aren't your cup of blood than just go for a total different look. Like Jo. Take beachwear to another level by wearing you favourite shades of black! Go for flowy and light pieces, bare backs, lingerie/bikinis exposed, super short shorts, lace … you name it, it’ll be perfect. Statement pumps complete this outfit and add a pop of color to this monochromatic beach ensemble. Jo also didn't spare any expense on protection and brings her own crisp tailored umbrella to keep her head cool and her foundation from melting. This sweet minimalist combo works equally well as an eerie Wednesday Addams costume and a sophisticated office look.

Domi is confident: summertime is shorts time! You just gotta wear them at the beach, especially those super short ones in neon colours, bright shades or crazy prints. Where else are you gonna wear them if not here? The second big beach trend 2016? Florals! They are the perfect compliment to any woman. Keep in mind that after spring's florals come summer botanicals. Flowers on a dark background? We like! Wear them on your sports cap and compliment those with cheap flower necklaces for a whimsy luau feel! The thing is that no matter what, you will always brighten up your look by sporting one of these awesome designs. And while we consider Domi's ass to be his best accessory, his childlike top made out of flotties is pretty noteworthy too.


Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016. Detail July Photo: Julia Fuchs Grafik: Bernd Eischeid

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016. Detail July Photo: Julia Fuchs Grafik: Bernd Eischeid