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Club H.Ø.D. Calendar - March
October 19, 2015


Domi Darf Das

I am representing March. Why March? To me, it is the time when temperatures are rising constantly, when everything is growing and people start to show some skin again. Our sensuality awakens, in our eyes, our nose, and in our skin. It’s time for bears to leave their caves, for twinks to troll around, and for drag queens …to give even less of a shit!

If I had to mention a special day in March, it would be the equinox, when the night is exactly as long as the day. Isn't that the official beginning of spring? But actually, I don’t really care about special dates.

Club H.Ø.D. Calendar 2016 "Domi Does March", Photo by Julia Fuchs

My costume is … totally me! I’m not giving you full frontal nudity, I’m giving you just enough to make you lust for more. In March, the soil becomes a living material, a microcosm. The snow melts and frees the soil underneath – just like I free myself of my clothes to show you what’s underneath. And for me, soil and earth don’t only literally mean dirt, they are also symbolizing “dirty” and lustful thoughts.

Two bits of wisdom for this glorious month:
“Märzenschnee und Jungfernpracht halten nur für eine Nacht.”
“Siehst du im März gelbe Blumen im Freien, magst du getrost deinen Samen streuen.”
And all this means, if I may translate roughly: Enjoy this short but glorious spring awakening, and have lots and lots of sex!