Curiosities and wondrous stories

Iris Andraschek, Der Muse reichts, 2013 © University of Vienna

Art / Oct 30, 2015 / Janina Hoth
Statues, monuments and memorials play an important role in collective memory and have done so for centuries. Over the decades, they have also developed a history of their own. They bear witness to... Read on
City / Oct 13, 2015 / Janina Hoth
Vienna’s history as a royal residence has shaped the city's architecture. Many buildings are not only significant as art historical objects but can be an indication of the political and social ideals... Read on

Director Jem Cohen in Vienna

City / Oct 2, 2015 / Janina Hoth
On a late afternoon, a man stands alone in the square in front of the Ferris wheel. There are not many people in sight, just ruins and a big empty space around him. Suddenly, another man approaches... Read on
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