Solo exhibition Yoshinori Niwa // "Museum of Capitalism: Archive of the Present"

Photo credits: left: Museum of Capitalism, 2020; right: Yoshinori Niwa, "Immigrants Are Guarding This Country", 2020, Still from 4-channel video installation

Jan 29 2020 to Apr 4 2020
Hegelgasse 14
Vienna 1010
Phone: +43 1 236 3775
Tuesday - Friday:
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 to Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Yoshinori Niwa is a Vienna-based artist whose interdisciplinary work examines from a direct and public perspective themes related to history, political ideologies, national identities, social norms and protocols. It is the first solo exhibition of the artist in Austria and will showcase a new body of work as well as older videos and drawings. The exhibition will also include the piece “Withdrawing Adolf Hitler from a Private Space” (2018), which is already on view at the outdoor lawn of das weisse haus and was commissioned and produced by the festival steirischerherbst'18.
The solo exhibition is realized with a grant by Pola Art Foundation.

“Museum of Capitalism: Archive of the Present”
curated by FICTILIS

The Museum of Capitalism is an institution dedicated to educating this generation and future generations about the history, philosophy, and legacy of capitalism, through exhibitions, research, publication, collecting and preserving material evidence, art, and artifacts of capitalism, and a variety of public programming. Due to its nomadic nature, the Museum of Capitalism has been in different cities (Oakland, Boston and New York) and will be travelling to Vienna in the form of an archival exhibition that will present the most comprehensive survey of the museum’s activities until now.

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