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“das weisse haus“ is an art association, exhibition space and a non-profit-organization for promoting and presenting young art. Additionally it offers a residence programme to support the international exchange between professionals from the art field. While part of the program is presented in the physical exhibition space at Hegelgasse 14 in Vienna, it continues digitally on the online platform dwhX.

The goal of DAS WEISSE HAUS is to maintain a vibrant platform that empowers emerging talents and centers overlooked perspectives through amplifying critical voices, nurturing collaborative learning, and enhancing international recognizability.

From its establishment in 2007 and under the sole directorship of Alexandra Grausam, since August 2011, DAS WEISSE HAUS has been offering space and networking opportunities to various artists and emerging art professionals and supporting the development of diverse experimental practices and experiences. BLOCKFREI Collective, consisting of Nevena Janković, Eva Kovač, and Jana Dolečki, assumed the leadership position in 2024.

das weisse haus
Hegelgasse 14
Vienna 1010
Phone: +43 1 236 3775


das weisse haus
May 16 2024 to Jun 8 2024
das weisse haus
May 18 2024 to Jun 29 2024