Eszter Salamon - MONUMENT 0.7: M/OTHERS

© Ferenc Salamon, courtesy of the artist

Jul 15 2024
MuseumsQuartier Wien, Museumsplatz 1
Vienna 1070
Phone: +43.1.523 55 58
Price: 24 Euro, Reduced: 20 Euro
Monday, July 15, 2024
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szter Salamon’s works are explorations of systems of power and how bodies act as their extensions and historical carriers. At the same time, she recognises the potential and capacity of dance to renegotiate supposed inescapabilities and continuities. In this intimate duet, Salamon and her mother, Budapest dance educator Erzsébet Gyarmati, question the myth of a linear transfer of legacy from the older to the next generation. Instead, the two performers take the stage in an almost twin-like manner: the audience is invited to attend a touching, unstable overlap and conjoining of bodies, highlighting not only their similarities and differences but perhaps paving the way for what Salamon calls “a third thing” – an ingenuous and fully “current” co-presence.

15.7.2024, 18:00
17.7.2024, 18:00

Duration: 70 Min
Price: 24 Euro
Reduced: 20 Euro

Recommended from the age of 16.