CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv DEEP DANCING

Mar 11 2022 to Mar 13 2022
Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10
Wien 1200
Phone: 0158787740
Saturday - Sunday:
18 € / 14 € / 9 €
Friday, March 11, 2022 to Sunday, March 13, 2022
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Dance as you are! CHICKS* invite small groups and even individual participants to delve into their personal experiences with dance together with the artists. DEEP DANCING is an interactive dance format exploring forms of partner dance and the discourse on dancing in times of patriarchy. Participants and artists join up to construct queer-feminist utopias and practice dance as both a resistive tool and a feel-good place, but also a form of performative trauma therapy at the same time. Shall we dance? And, if yes, how?

In individual encounters and small groups, performers and participants negotiate questions about partner dance and leading while searching for non-violent ways of being with each other. How do we dance when there is no cismale* part to take the lead? What gender roles may we establish, discard, or debate in dance? How are we going to interact to avoid hurting each other? DEEP DANCING is a feminist flirting school, a consent-based meeting format, and a distancing-disco-fox class, an exercise in pushing and stumbling, a monogamy-critical partnering ritual and a power-negotiating conversational format in dance. All in all, DEEP DANCING is both a highly exclusive and sensitive date with CHICKS* and a close dance with yourself!

INFO: Performances can be booked in either German or English. One performance a day is offered to blind and visually impaired persons. It is in German only and involves an extra touch tour of the performance space.
We kindly ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes before your booked time slot, as the event can only start when all visitors are present.