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Luis Buñuel L’Age d’or (1930)

Oct 15 2019
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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Dziga Vertov "Entuziazm" (Simfonija Donbassa) (1930) 35mm, 68 min, russ. OV

Enthusiasm (Symphony of the Donbas) is the first Ukrainian sound film. Filmed in 1930 by the world-class master of the cinematic avant-garde Dziga Vertov, it became the first motion-picture in which real industrial and routine sounds not only illustrated the visual range, but also served to create an independent musical image.
The film was dedicated to the First Five Year Plan, glorified industrialization and collectivization as well as propagandized the fight against illiteracy and religion. Enthusiasm was shot during the year when the Ukrainization program was cut down, so the camera of the cameraman Boris Zeitlin still captured many indications of Ukrainization in Donbas.
The film named by Charlie Chaplin one of the most impressive sound symphonies was released in theaters on April 2, 1931, but shortly after was removed from distribution and forgotten. It was rediscovered only in the 1960th due to the renewed interest to the Soviet avant-garde in the West.

Luis Buñuel
L’Age d’or (1930) 35mm, 62 min, fr.
Families, the church and bourgeois society try to thwart the passion of a lusty man (Gaston Modot) and woman (Lya Lys).

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