Queering the Museum

Sabine Marte, No Beach Just Sand, 2017 Videostill

Jun 7 2019
Arsenalstr. 1
Vienna 1030
Phone: 01 79557700
Friday, June 7, 2019
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In her videos, which are only part of her practice as performer, musician, and theater maker, Sabine Marte tends to lead the viewer into unstable terrain. Her works are unsettling and uncanny because they tamper with the familiar and aesthetic conditions. The artist experiments with popular narratives, histories, and gender roles and appropriates clichés from horror films, science fiction, or melodrama and fractures them in a humorous and joyful manner. The institution of language as well is not short-changed in this queer practice, for with the help of fragmentation, repetition, and exaggeration, it too is broken down into its individual parts and properly questioned.

The screening at the Blickle Kino ranges from the I Would Like to Make a Horror Movie Sometime (1999), a reflection on media, to her latest work, No Beach Just Sand (2017), a brilliant production in which the capitalist motivational slogans of “to carry on” are met with exhausted opposition. Followed by a conversation with Sabine Marte.