Mette Ingvartsen: 21 pornographies

Mette Ingvartsen: 21 pornographies © Jens Sethzman

Jul 24 2019
Neustiftgasse 1
Vienna 1070
Phone: +4315235558
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Now they are all finally presented together: the four extra-sharp "Red Pieces" by Mette Ingvartsen, "to come (extended)", "7 Pleasures", "21 pornographies" and "69 positions". In her series, the Danish artist reflects on the history of sexuality, as it has been shown in performance and performance art since the 1960s to today. In her pieces, Ingvartsen deals with nudity and gender relations in very different artistic compositions, with the cultural construction and manipulation of bodies up to the ways how we have sex together. Ingvartsen encounters all this with wit and sensuality, political sensitivity and great candor.

Despite the abundant offerings on the subject, do we really know everything about pornography or about what is hidden inside and behind it? In her final "Red Piece", Mette Ingvartsen enters the stage of expectations and surprises in a solo and finds 21 parallel universes of the pornographic, all of which extend into the realities of our lives. Teeming with criticism and irony, eroticism and affect come to light as materials that comprise excitement as well as cruelty, ridiculousness and irritation. A piece based on queerness, feminism and the question of what libertinage is supposed to be these days.

Duration: 70 min