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Photo: Philipp Schuster

Feb 14 2019
Schleifm├╝hlgasse 13
Vienna 1040
Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Martina Hajny studied Industrial Design in Kolding, Denmark and Vienna, where she graduated from Paolo Piva 2015 at the University of Applied Arts. Already for the intermediate diploma 2012 she realized light objects from disused bulbs.
The reason for the concern with light bulbs was the discussion about the EU regulation of the gradual ban on conventional light bulbs because of its high energy consumption. Martina Hajny started an intensive experiment of different heating of light bulbs in a ceramic oven. The resulting works lead to an unusual oeuvre that oscillates to a fine degree between design and pure art.

Martina Hajny draws on the specific characteristics of the light bulb: it perceives it both as the bearer of complexity in content, as well as in its pure materiality and its sensual appearance, and leads the brittle source material to stimulating objects, whether with or without use value, always layered in their allusions and interpretations.
The former energy-leading and light-giving potential and the fragility of the glass body increase the simple light bulb into a symbol of mortality, whose finiteness is also set by a shabby regulation in numbers.

Martina Hajny intensifies this objectified symbol of the transience through the melting process, the perfect form is destabilized, slumped in itself.
The previously exact figure of the light bulb is arranged in the new organic form to various configurations, the calculated game with the different transparency of the glasses and the different color temperature of the frame metals is taken to subtle complexes that enriched in the new context with allusions a novel objectivity and aestheticized Achieve objectivity. The unusable product of an industrial society is conserved by the artist - disposed of in a valuable art object.

Martina Hajny finds unexpected, wide-ranging artistic forms of expression, ranging from haunting still-life vandas to newly activated luminous objects or useful tables. The austere minimalist designs of the custom-made metal or wood frames represent a deliberately chosen contrast to the shimmering organic structure of the molten light bulbs and potentiate their lasting ambiguous fragility. The current exhibition in the space of Harald Bichler gives a pointed insight into the exciting and inspiring work.

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