Lenio Kaklea: Practical Encyclopaedia, Chosen Portraits

Lenio Kaklea: Practical Encyclopaedia, Chosen Portraits © Maria Toultsa

Jul 24 2019
Museumsplatz 1
Vienna 1070
Phone: +4315235558
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Everybody does things in an idiosyncratic way, every one of us has their own special practice. Greek choreographer Lenio Kaklea is interested precisely in how we, for example, wash dishes, shop, clean or weigh something. Based on around 600 interviews, compiled over nine months in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers, she created her own "Practical Encyclopaedia", from which she generates performances such as "Chosen Portraits". For this solo, Kaklea selected seven practices and rituals whose movement content she tests and reflects using her particular brand of practice as a dancer. A surprising piece, which also includes a video installation, a reading room for the audience and a lecture demonstration.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 60 min

Lenio Kaklea: "Practical Encyclopaedia, Chosen Portraits" Trailer