[ImPulsTanz Classic] Akemi Takeya: ZZRemix

Akemi Takeya: ZZRemix © Helmut Prochart

Jul 25 2019
Taborstraße 10
Vienna 1020
Phone: +4315235558
Thursday, July 25, 2019
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The self dances around a singing glass. Breath is a quiet space. Japanese-born Viennese artist Akemi Takeya dealt with silence in this solo piece, first performed in 2003. Now she has reworked the choreography using electroacoustic soundscapes of silence and noise. This time around, the artist moves about in sound experiments created by Peter Kutin and Moritz Nahold and in masks designed by the famous austrian visual artist Markus Schinwald: with her body changed by time and in a cultural climate changed by the sounds of new nationalisms. A subtle performance as an antithesis to the disturbing clamour of a disoriented present.

Duration: 55 min

Akemi Takeya: "ZZRemix" Trailer