Home Recording with Ableton w/ Zosia Holubowska

Sounds Queer?
Feb 26 2020
Viktor-Christ-Gasse 10
Vienna 1050
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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We will look into setting up our first recording, using Ableton Live. The workshop will be practical, we will go through basics: how to connect all cables and make sure everything works and doesn't clip! Maybe we will end up with a demo tracks, who knows;-)

Duration: 2.5-3 h
Number of participants: 10
Language: English
Send us an e-mail to to save a spot !

For each workshop, there is one free/gratis spot for folks who are unemployed, migrants, refugees and others who are underprivileged economically. Write us an e-mail and we will help you out. Priority will be given to queer-identified people and women.)


Zosia Hołubowska is a non-binary sound artist, musician, and music activist. As a founder of Sounds Queer? they have been organizing and facilitating workshops on synthesizers since 2014. They share their time between performing as a curvy synth witch Mala Herba, promoting femmes and non-binary artists in electronic music as a member of Oramics, and working on their Ph.D. thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, exploring the idea of queer sound.


Our Policy

The project prioritises women, girls, femmes, queers, trans, intersex and non-binary people but there's no identity policy. Everyone is welcome but first please think about how easy is it for you to get access to this kind of skills and tools. How easy is it for you to feel comfortable and safe at a workshop with strangers? Please bear in mind that you might be ask to give space to others at a workshop first.

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