Christine Schörkhuber - Gefüge - Structures

Mz Baltazar's Laboratory

photo: Verena Mayrhofer

Nov 12 2019
Wallensteinstrasse 38
Vienna 1200
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Kinetic object, sound installation.

Contrary to the heavy materiality of the metal, the object forms a randomly acting accumulation of fine, conductive threads to a fabric with a floating lightness.
This fabric acts as a large-capacity sensor and responds to the changes in the electric field caused by the presence and disposition of humans.
It is an fibrous, amorphous structure that embodies a current social constellation, but also follows its own pulsating movement, grounded in its autarkic logic. Environmental factors such as weather, architectural materiality, and general activity all have an influence.

The structure thus becomes a metaphor for the intangible and unspoken that arises in a social space between people in the dynamics of ephemeral encounters.

The dynamics of the electromagnetic field are taken up by coils and are acoustically amplified. Theese sounds, together with the frictional-mechanical noises of movement in the metallic structure, form an installative sound composition.

Electricity is not only a tool or a means to an end; it is materiality and physical medium that acts as a central player in the artistic object. Donna Haraway calls this an "inorganic negotiating partner in processes and structures".

The phenomenon remains unassailable and incomprehensible, yet tangible.

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