Boglárka Börcsök & Andreas Bolm (HU/DE) Figuring Age

Boglárka Börcsök & Andreas Bolm (HU/DE)
Figuring Age
[8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series
© Andreas Bolm

Jul 24 2022
Sunday, July 24, 2022
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Boglárka Börcsök first made an appearance at ImPulsTanz back in 2018 in Eszter Salamon’s performance The Valeska Gert Monument at mumok. Figuring Age again displays her aptitude for transformation: after a meeting with over­ninety­year­old expressionist dancers Irén Preisich, Éva E. Kovács and Ágnes Roboz in 2015, the three women entered her like ghosts. The embodiment of these three women by Börcsök is an ongoing work of becoming, a vertigo that interweaves stories and memories with gestures of everyday life and draws a direct connection between movement practice and survival practice.

24. + 26. Juli, 16:00 + 18:00 + 20:00

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