May 30 2019
Reindorfgasse 42
Vienna 1150
Thursday, May 30, 2019
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Lithuania is a small country on the coast of the Baltic Sea, known for its ancient language and basketball. However, is it all that we hear about Lithuania? It has been recent since conductor Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla was recognized as one of the best women conductors in the world, soloist Asmik Grigorian was named the second Anna Netrebko by the Austrian critics. Have you heard of the “Euthanasia rollercoaster” by Julijonas Urbonas? Or seen the colorful photographs of Aleksandra Kingo? These are just to name a few Lithuanians who live and work abroad, that spread the word about Lithuania.

There is no surprise, that a lot of creative Lithuanians choose large cultural capitals, such as London, Paris or Vienna for inspiration.

Vienna is a multicultural capital, an important European center of culture and art, which always attracted and attracts artists to study and work. Lithuanian culture is a part of this city.

LT.art Vienna – is a series of events that presents the works of artists living and working in Austria. The main theme of the year 2019 is adaptation (liet. ADAPTACIJA). The events are designed to show, how communicating with other cultures helps us understand the diversity of the world around us, change our knowledge and improve the techniques – adapt to the surroundings.

The program includes a group exhibition, workshops, and concerts. Festival’s lectors will share their experience, the possibilities and the practices of presenting projects on an international scale.

• Iustas •
• Jurgis Gečys •
• Ūla Šveikauskaitė •
• Zigmantas Kalibatas •

• Danielė Brekytė •
• Choir “Gaida” •
• ASAG Quartet •
• Elena Sverdiolaitė •
• Indrė Pelakauskaitė •
• Anastasija Bykova •
• Gustė Barbora Butvydaitė •
• Monika Mašanauskaitė •
• Bence Temesvari •

• Mariah Doesn't Carey •

• Urtė Špeirokaitė •
• Elzė Hoogduijn •
• Silvija Čiuladytė •