[8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series Teresa Vittucci: HATE ME, TENDER

Teresa Vittucci: HATE ME, TENDER © Yoshiko Kusano

Jul 28 2019
Margaretenstraße 166
Vienna 1050
Phone: +4315235558
Sunday, July 28, 2019
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Mary, the Mother of God, must be saved. Swiss based Viennese choreographer Teresa Vittucci folllows a self-imposed quest: she wants to emancipate the biblical Virgin Mary and to reinstate her in her ambivalent role as one who loves unconditionally and as an ambassador for queer feminism. To this end, solo performer and great singer Vittucci has spruced herself up. However, her immaculate veil is sinfully red and her body isn’t exactly made up chastely. With a little help from Donna Summer, she feels the lustful pain of love and introduces the audience to the erotic wonder of one of her shoes.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 50 min

Teresa Vittucci: "HATE ME, TENDER" Trailer