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In accordance with its name, this dream location satisfies all five senses. Opened by the co-founder of Impossible (manufacturer of instant photography equipment and materials), it combines camera store, music shop and café. You can buy analogue films, take an instant photo, taste regional delicacies and visit a small laboratory devoted to scents, which has been developed in cooperation with artist Sissel Tolaas.

Supersense also features workshops, a live music space, and an analogue recording studio, all exhibited within a 19th century Viennese palace. Analogue fans will be smitten by the Instant Lab and an exclusive range of products including film and a new range of cameras from Impossible, as well as refurbished cameras.
(written by Noel Goldberger)

Praterstrasse 70
Vienna 1020
Phone: +43 1 96 90 832