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Under the direction of Claudia Bosse theatercombinat represents a highly experienced production company for independent art and theatre work. founded in 1996 in berlin and based in vienna, austria, since 1999, the artistic formation led by the german director and artist claudia bosse assembles actors, performers and dancers as well as theorists, sound and media artists, architects, visual artists and technicians in order to engage in research into theatrical concepts, pushing theatre beyond its limits in search of new, collective and adventurous ways to communicate with the spectators, the space and the organisation of the public. theatercombinat is acting in different spaces and constellations.


it was founded in 1997 in berlin by claudia bosse, dominika duchnik, heike müller and silke rosenthal. besides an ongoing location in berlin, theatercombinat is based in vienna since 1999 and from 2006 until 2013 it had its homebase in derraum!, a studio/office complex in the 3rd district of vienna. since november 2013 theatercombinat's new headquarter has been in the space lesSOUTERRAINs! in the 4th district. the headquarter includes an office space as well as an atelier, that is used for small events. important former members of theatercombinat are gerald singer, doris uhlich, josef szeiler, andreas pronegg, markus keim and others.

mommensengasse 23
Vienna 1040
Phone: 01 522 25 09