What Is Film? Program 19

Luis Buñuel. Land Without Bread, 1933

Nov 5 2019
Augustinerstraße 1
Vienna 1010
10,50 non-members / 6,- members
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
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Robert Siodmak & Edgar G. Ulmer
People on Sunday (1930) / Menschen am Sonntag (original title) 35mm, 81 min (20 B/Sek), German.
Edwin, a taxi driver, lives with Annie, a neurasthenic model. They plan to spend Sunday at the Nikolassee beach with Wolfgang, an officer, gentleman, antiquarian, gigolo, at the moment a wine salesman. After an argument, Annie stays at home while Edwin joins Wolf. Wolf has brought along a new girlfriend, Christl. Brigitte, Christl's best friend, joins the group. Brigitte is the manager of a record shop. At the beach Wolf tries to kiss Christl but she rejects him and he turns his attentions toward Brigitte, who is more receptive. Wolf and Brigitte go off together and he seduces her...
Starring: Erwin Splettstößer, Brigitte Borchert, Wolfgang von Waltershausen

Luis Buñuel
Land Without Bread (1933) / Terre sans pain (Las Hurdes) (1932) 35mm, 29 min. French with subtitles.
A surrealistic documentary portrait of the region of Las Hurdes, a remote region of Spain where civilisation has barely developed, showing how the local peasants try to survive without even the most basic utilities and skills.
Starring: Abel Jacquin, Alexandre O'Neill |

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