Viní Ventania, Vitória Jovem / Irmãs Brasil – Eunuchs

© Cynthia Mai A

Jul 25 2024
Taborstraße 10
Vienna 1020
Phone: +43.1.523 55 58
Price: 24 Euro, Reduced: 20 Euro
Thursday, July 25, 2024
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The Irmãs Brasil (“Brasilian sisters”) “want to be targeted by life and give their testimony”. To this end, in Eunuchs, they embody “the castrated”, who, in various cultures, have either been ostracised or venerated in high offices, but were always seen as deviating from what was deemed the norm. Viní Ventania and Vitória Jovem take the stage as mermaids, wild horses or the Sumerian demon Lilith, negotiating with great delicacy and vulnerability the precariousness of people whose pure bodily presence is a threat to the colonial gender binary. A hypnotic duet, the force of which especially lies in the familiarity between the sisters, who refer to themselves as “a double existence of strange bodies”.

Austrian Premiere

25.7.2024, 23:00
26.7.2024, 19:30
27.7.2024, 23:00

Duration: 45 Min
Price: 24 Euro
Reduced: 20 Euro

This performance contains loud music.
This performance contains nudity and explicit content. Recommended from the age of 18.