SPACE AND EXPERIENCE: Architecture for Better Living

May 29 2019 to Oct 6 2019
Stubenring 5
Vienna 1010
Wednesday - Sunday:
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 to Sunday, October 6, 2019
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Architecture as design is always an expression of social and cultural structures, codes, and values. It brings structure and form, creates spaces, and as a designed environment directly impacts on the various areas of human life. It has an influence on emotions, perception and behavior, and enables collective experiences and individual experience. However, the latter is determined by specific expectations and, above all, by personal virtues and social values. But if values are fundamentally changing, as they are today—especially in view of the mega-challenges of digitalization and climate change—then this, in turn, has an impact on notions of quality of life and on future tasks for architecture.

On the one hand, the exhibition SPACE AND EXPERIENCE: Architecture for Better Living will illustrate through a distinctive selection of realized projects, which additional value and benefit architecture is already offering for a better life today. At the same time, the exhibition attempts to take a look into the future in order to formulate theses on possible scenarios and design tasks which will manifest themselves in planned strategies and project ideas. In this context, the main question is the outlook on architecture's role in the future.

The focus is on the question of what constitutes "better living"—in particular regarding materiality, ecology, design of atmospheres, participation, hospitality, design of communities, and perspective—and how architecture matters here. All architectural contributions and projects will illustrate space and experience as design tasks and offer more inclusion, more accessibility and more uniqueness, thus leading to a greater connection with and appreciation of architecture.

The exhibition SPACE AND EXPERIENCE: Architecture for Better Living is a cooperation with Wienerberger and—on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Wienerberger— will be complemented by a presentation on the cultural-historical significance of Wienerberger. Three expert meetings and a symposium have already taken place in the run-up to the exhibition.