Polly Apfelbaum. Happiness Runs

Sep 6 2018 to Jan 13 2019
Arsenalstr. 1
Vienna 1030
Phone: 01 795 57-0
Thursday - Sunday:
Thursday, September 6, 2018 to Sunday, January 13, 2019
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Polly Apfelbaum’s multifaceted oeuvre breaks down the barriers between sculpture, painting and installation. Since the 1990s the American artist has used the floor as a surface on which to present her ‘Fallen Paintings’. Her intent exploration of space, colour, form and materiality finds its logical progression in her first museum exhibition in Austria. At the Belvedere 21, Apfelbaum reveals the relationship between six of her space-consuming installations comprising handwoven carpets. At the same time, this holistic composition enters into a dialogue with the sunlit architecture of the building, making it possible once again to experience the entire expanse of the museum’s upper floor as an open space.

Make sure to wear nice socks: we kindly advise that the exhibition "Polly Apfelbaum. Happiness Runs" can only be viewed in socks.