Philipp Gehmacher: The Slowest Urgency (an environment)

Philipp Gehmacher (AT)
The Slowest Urgency (an environment)
© Bernhard Müller

Aug 1 2022
Monday, August 1, 2022
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When it comes to recognising the apparent nature of a good many opposites so as to stimulate more complex thinking, these are great times to live in. And this piece, which has been completely reworked for an entire floor of mumok Vienna, is a perfect example of this. Philipp Gehmacher has expanded his unique movement vocabulary to six dancers in a plea to regard urgency and slowness as being interrelated. The relationships between understanding and the urge to take action are explored in cleverly sophisticated, sensu­ously refined passages.

1. August, 18:00
3. August, 18:30