Kosmos Theater
Nov 8 2019
Siebensterngasse 42,
Vienna 1070
17,- / 13,- / 9,-
Friday, November 8, 2019
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SPEAKING VOLUMES asks how to re-enact processes of geological transformation that have compressed limestone, piled up the Alps or moved continental plates. Mountainous formations made of foam, stones and plastic foil encounter three performers on stage to re-negotiate the humans’ place in this tectonic process of change.

Short-lived air locks, crystalline structures and tough surfaces form a dynamic landscape of different temporalities and empowerments. Inevitably entangled in this web, the performers act from a position of eavesdroppers sinking deeper and deeper into all the different layers. Invited by the materials, the piece experiments with poetic stories of Earth time, allowing the non-human to raise its voice.

Choreographer/performer Mirjam Sögner works in Vienna and Berlin. She studied dance, choreography and artistic research at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and at ArtEZ Arnhem. Her pieces tour Europe, Canada and Australia in such theatres and at such festivals as Dancehouse Melbourne, Dansens Hus Oslo, Circuit-Est Montréal, Frascati Amsterdam and Rote Fabrik Zurich. Her first solo LARA was included in the Aerowaves performance network in 2016. Mirjam Sögner has created pieces for Tanztage Berlin, Goethe-Institut, Dschungel Wien and teaches at ArtEZ Arnhem, a school for higher learning. Her most recent appearances at brut include LARA (imagetanz 2016) and RAYS (imagetanz 2018).


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