Mette Ingvartsen: 7 Pleasures

Mette Ingvartsen: 7 pleasures © Marc Coudrais

Jul 19 2019
Lisztstraße 1
Vienna 1030
Phone: +4315235558
Friday, July 19, 2019
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Now they are all finally presented together: the four extra-sharp "Red Pieces" by Mette Ingvartsen, "to come (extended)", "7 Pleasures", "21 pornographies" and "69 positions". In her series, the Danish artist reflects on the history of sexuality, as it has been shown in performance and performance art since the 1960s to today. In her pieces, Ingvartsen deals with nudity and gender relations in very different artistic compositions, with the cultural construction and manipulation of bodies up to the ways how we have sex together. Ingvartsen encounters all this with wit and sensuality, political sensitivity and great candor.

It was about time to prove once and for all that the body is a site of pleasures. Mette Ingvartsen has twelve performers move together, on top of and intertwined with each another. Skin on skin, breath in breath and emotions on emotions: "7 Pleasures" means seven forms of sensual gratification and pleasure: seven different and not-so-commonplace ideas about the human ability to enjoy not merely being a self purpose of perception but also, potentially, political dynamite. This "Red Piece" explores the connection between sexual desire and society, cultural construction and subjective effects.

Duration: 100 min