Maud Le Pladec feat. Jr Maddripp / CCNO – Silent Legacy

© César Vayssié

Jul 30 2024
Museumsplatz 1
Vienna 1070
Phone: +43.1.523 55 58
18 / 26 / 36 Euro, Reduced: 15 / 22 / 30 Euro
Tuesday, July 30, 2024
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Krump is both a way of life and a form of expression with an almost spiritual dimension to it. With their special style of movement, krump dancers turn their internalised anger outward to channel it. Silent Legacy by French choreographer Maud Le Pladec is a rousing dance piece about what it means to empower one another. Enter Adeline Kerry Cruz: “Come! Get up, I need you!”, the child shouts as loud as she can. And Jr Maddripp comes and joins her on stage. He has been a krump dancer in Paris since the age of 15. She is from Montréal, is only ten years old and has been considered a child prodigy of the African-American dance style from Los Angeles since 2021. Cruz passes its power on to adult dancer Audrey Merilus, who turns the girl’s silent legacy into a strong feminist statement.

Austrian Premiere

30.7.2024, 21:00
1.8.2024, 21:00

Duration: 50 Min
Price: 18 / 26 / 36 Euro
Reduced: 15 / 22 / 30 Euro

This performance contains strobe lightning effects and loud music.
Recommended from the age of 8.