Maud Blandel feat. Maya Masse & Ensemble Contrechamps: Diverti Menti

Maud Blandel feat. Maya Masse & Ensemble Contrechamps (CH/FR)
Diverti Menti
[8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series
© Festival Parallèle Margaux Vendassi

Jul 26 2022
Tuesday, July 26, 2022
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Together with three soloists of the renowned Ensemble Contrechamps from Geneva and dancer Maya Masse, Swiss choreographer Maud Blandel tackles a new instrumen­talisation and corporeal interpretation of Mozart’s Divertimento K136. The delightfully unrestrained, polyphonic interplay of piano, tuba, electric guitar and dancer as well as the variations in rhythm and tempo underline the modern expressivity of the almost 250-year-­old piece, making it not only contemporary but independent of time altogether.

26. + 28. Juli, 19:00