Malika Fankha - Oxy Moron, eine Cyborg Utopie

Mar 30 2019
Bräuhausgasse 40 (Souterrain)
Vienna 1050
Phone: +431587877410
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Saturday, March 30, 2019
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imagetanz 2019 – dancing 30 years ahead

Performance / Specials / studio visit / Residency @ Im_flieger
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“Resistance won’t do anymore. We must create ambiguity.” (Christoph Schlingensief)

To conclude her Residency@Im_flieger, Malika Fankha allows the audience to peek into her process of devising Oxy Moron – a play with multiple conceptions of the self that moves smoothly between fiction and reality, magic and science, the presence and the future.

Based on the gender-neutral cyborg as a metaphorical representative figure combining a human-like appearance with robotic behaviour, the piece juggles stereotypes and challenges common concepts of normality. Identities, physicalities and social status continue to undergo a precarious transformation between autonomy and self-deformation, asking what it means to be physical, human and inter-human in an overly technological world.

Malika Fankha studied acting in Zurich and contemporary dance in Salzburg (SEAD) and New York (NYU Tisch School of Performing Arts). As a choreographer, performer and DJ, she works with artists such as Superamas, Tino Sehgal, Deborah Hazler, Jürg Halter, Jeans for Jesus, Saar Magal, Valérie Reding and Maureen Kaegi. Her own pieces have been created in collaboration with Tanzquartier Wien, brut Wien, WUK, the Vienna Dance Festival, Wiener Festwochen, Sound:Frame, Tanzhaus Zürich, Dampfzentrale Bern, Art Basel, Zentrum Paul Klee, Pianofabriek Brussels, Workspace Brussels, Kaaitheater, CAMPO Gent, Cullbergballetten Stockholm, Life Long Burning, Golden Days Festival Copenhagen and the Mladi Levi Festival in Ljubljana.

Artistic direction, performance Malika Fankha Make-up, costume and set design Valérie Reding Sound design Dark Euphoria feat. AC/BOY

Foto: Valérie Reding

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