Lisbeth Gruwez / Voetvolk: The Sea Within

Lisbeth Gruwez / Voetvolk: The Sea Within © Danny Willems

Jul 29 2019
Lisztstraße 1
Vienna 1030
Phone: +4315235558
Monday, July 29, 2019
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Ten wonderful dancers and their sea within. With this atmospheric, floating choreography, Lisbeth Gruwez, once a performer with Jan Fabre’s company Troubleyn, opens the flood-gates for what she calls a “new femininity”. Accompanied by Maarten Van Cauwenberghe’s music, the charismatic dancers let themselves be carried by the rhythms of nature, bend in the rushing water, sway in the wind or indulge in wild movements. Impressive emotional panoramas are generated in the process: by moving close together and by being swept away, in stillness and in ecstasy. A dance as a compelling expression of the beauty of diversity and, on top of that, a celebration of female power and sensuality.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 70 min

Lisbeth Gruwez / Voetvolk "The Sea Within" Trailer