Kay Walkowiak – If Colors Could Speak

Collectors Agenda
Sep 11 2018
Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, Top 16
Vienna 1010
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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Collectors Agenda is pleased to announce the opening of If Colors Could Speak with Kay Walkowiak (*1980 in Salzburg) whose work comprises a complex mixture of installation, sculpture, video art and photography, combining conceptual and post minimal strategies. In many of his works the artist explores the historically and socio-culturally defined handling of form and questions its functional positioning as a projection surface for timeless utopias. He lives and works in Vienna.

In If Colors Could Speak he preoccupies himself with the utopian planned city of Chandigarh in India, conceived by Le Corbusier during the 1950s which he previously made a topic, such as in his dystopian scenographic video work titled The City Lost (2017) that was shown at Vienna's Leopold Museum as part of the group show Traces of Time. On the example of a speaker’s podium, poured in concrete in a brutalist manner Kay Walkowiak again investigates into what remains of the grand conformist societal vision for Chandigarh.

Coinciding with the show, and on the same floor, gallery Zeller van Almsick are opening Again and Again, the first solo exhibition of the artist duo FAMED, along with Neuer Kunstverein Wien who will open their show with Shirin Neshat.

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