Handle with care with Asher O'Gorman - the way of ink ••º•

Mar 22 2019 to Mar 23 2019
Scherzergasse 1A
Vienna 1020
Phone: +491587877410
Friday - Saturday:
Friday, March 22, 2019 to Saturday, March 23, 2019
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imagetanz 2019 – dancing 30 years ahead

Performance / Specials / studio visit

As part of the Handle with Care series, Asher O’Gorman opens her studio for a visit. In her current artistic research entitled the way of ink ••º•, she deals with the interplay of different materials like chromatographic paper, foam and ink. She methodically sets a chain of events in motion and investigates the physical properties, the materiality and the creative power of objects. The ink she uses acts as a telescope lens that allows spectators to be immersed in an environment in which the smallest of details are of immense importance.

he Handle with Care series grants peeks into artistic processes, experiments with new formats and creates room for dialogue and exchange. Artists try out parts of their works in front of a limited audience in order to receive feedback, turning the spectators into accomplices.

Irish artist Asher O’Gorman lives and works Vienna. Her work combines practices from choreography and visual art. In her performances, she illustrates the philosophy of object-oriented ontology and invites the audience to view the universe differently, replacing the restrictive philosophy of anthropocentrism by the miraculous powers of ordinary things. Asher O’Gorman has graduated from Dartington College of Arts (UK) and SEAD Salzburg and is planning to acquire a master’s degree in Trans-Art at the Vienna University of Applied Art.

Created by and featuring Asher O’Gorman

Foto: Ramiro Wong

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