Fixing my gaze

Sep 27 2019
Medvedweg 3
Vienna 1110
Friday, September 27, 2019
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”Before I started my sculpture studies, I went to see an eye doctor. I knew since childhood that due to my strabismus (bong eyes) I am not able to perceive spatial depth. I wanted to know what this would mean for my future sculptural practice. When I had to look at the board of the Lang-Stereotest, depicting simple objects (a star, a cat, a car), all I saw was image noise.”

For “Fixing my Gaze” five artists are investigating the borders of human perception regarding the two-, resp. three-dimensionality of their surroundings. Starting from diverse media (print, sculpture, sound/video and performance) they approach the interfaces of plasticity and its imitation. “Deceptively genuine” materials, such as fool’s gold and marble linoleum will be assembled to a spatial illusion. During the opening and the weekly program these artificial sceneries are going to be rearranged and used as a flexible environment for performances. The aim is to dissolve the categories of display, installation and stage and evaluate substance and authorship.
Céline Struger

DJ Essverbot
Pope Sangreta


Leon Höllhumer
Evelina Jonsson
Yein Lee
Céline Struger
Chin Tsao