Film Screening „My name is Janez Janša“ (2012) by Janez Janša

"My Name Is Janez Janša" by Janez Janša. Photosession: Dražen Dragojević. Photo: Miha Fras.

Oct 6 2020
Hegelgasse 14
Vienna 1010
Phone: +43 1 236 3775
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
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“Election Day” Film Screening, Part 2:

“My name is Janez Janša” (2012) by Janez Janša

67 min, original version (Slovenian, Italian, English and Croatian) with English subtitles

The screening program accompanying the group exhibition "Election Day" highlights projects initiated by artists as political options for (or against) the electoral system and explores the issues addressed in the show –starting with the staged nature of election campaigns to performance in politics or the manipulative rhetoric of populists.

The documentary “My name is Janez Janša” (2012) delves into the practice of one of the exhibited artists’ groups. It portrays the three contemporary artists, one of them the film director, who in 2007 all changed their name to that of Janez Janša, the then (and also now) Prime Minister of Slovenia. Signified as an artistic gesture, this particular name change provoked a wide range of interpretations in art circles in Slovenia and abroad as well as among journalists and the general public. In “My name is Janez Janša” individuals, artists and academics from all over the world share their thoughts about the meaning and purpose of one's name from both private and public perspectives, drawing references from history, popular culture and individual experiences.