Field Public – Open Moment Stefanie Wenner: Counting on Earth. Dancing with Colour. Painting as Choreography.


Stefanie Wenner (DE)
Counting on Earth. Dancing with Colour. Painting as Choreography.
Field Project
© Manu Washaus

Jun 10 2022
Monday - Friday:
Friday, June 10, 2022
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Human bodies – like stones, metals, trees and animals – are part of the huge body of earth. Water, the most obvious shared element, links us to larger bodies in space, like the moon. Materials like titanium, that we build into human bodies, are both found in earth and in extra-terrestrial bodies like meteorites. This deep entanglement is openly visible, but not frequently taken into any sort of account in economies of production. The project aims to work with shared materialities of different bodies in space, co-creating an image. We will start the day with a Kundalini Yoga Session, beginning to work with our share of earths body. Counting on and with earth we will encounter different territorialities and rhythms of colour we will make of earths, minerals and plants. You are invited to bring a stone or a plant, some soil from where you travel from in order to bring it into the process of dancing with colour, co-creating an image as choreography. The Field Project will be accompanied by a scenic painter.

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