Claire Croizé & Matteo Fargion / ECCE vzw: Flowers (we are)

Claire Croizé & Matteo Fargion (UK) / ECCE vzw: Flowers (we are) © Herman Sorgeloos

Jul 24 2019
Lisztstraße 1
Vienna 1030
Phone: +4315235558
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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When a delicate, sensitive choreographer like her begins to dance to Johann Sebastian Bach, a special experience awaits. Most notably because this time Claire Croizé is accompanied by an outstanding musician live on stage: Matteo Fargion, who, along with British dancer Jonathan Burrows, made the European dance audience go into raptures over many years with such humorous choreographic strokes of genius as Both Sitting Duet. This time, Fargion brings his daughter Francesca along, and the audience get to see a new side of him interpreting Bach. In Flowers (we are), three dancers and two musicians play with the sound and invite the spectators to follow them into their magical world.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 75 min

Claire Croizé & Matteo Fargion (UK) / ECCE vzw: "Flowers (we are)" Trailer

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