Axel Schindler S T R A N G E R S

Improper Walls
Feb 6 2019
Reindorfgasse 42
Vienna 1150
Phone: 0660 2200327
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
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Where complete strangers can meet to escape from everyday life together. A space full of possibilities and an atmosphere where unexpected and commonplace meet and mix.

"Strangers" is an attempt to visualize the aspect of the flight from reality and the shifting of perception. Surreal associations of interpersonal interactions in a miniverse surrounded by sound and smoke.

Axel Schindler is an Austrian artist based in Vienna. An illustrator who breaks graphic design rules and constantly experiments with new printing techniques to embody his drawings. For the show “Strangers” Axel has stepped into a new medium of installation art. By expanding the viewer’s focus, he draws less attention to individual pieces of art and suggests merging the 98m³ into an entire piece of its own.

Live music: 20:00 - 20:30 Bernd Ammann (contrabass solo)
Photo: Niko Havranek
Video: Markus Tozzer
Sponsors: Absolut, Jameson Irish Whiskey & MAKAVA delighted ice tea

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