Anne Juren: 42

Anne Juren: 42 © Martin Juren

Aug 7 2019
Taborstraße 10
Vienna 1020
Phone: +4315235558
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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“My body does not have the same ideas as me”, French-born Viennese choreographer Anne Juren declares. She finds true bliss in dancing as soon as her body follows its own ideas. Last year, the internationally acclaimed artist explored the tongue, language and sexual organs in her "Private Anatomy Lesson" series at ImPulsTanz. Now her urge to explore is directed towards the poetic ties between the dancer and the audience on the “imaginary platform” called theatre. How are the body and the mind, the real and the invisible, the private and the public connected on that platform? According to Juren, they combine to form a “phantasmagoric anatomy”.

Duration: 48 min

Anne Juren "42" Trailer